Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wally Frei landed these 18 and 14 pound salmon yesterday while fishing with Tom Brodsky. They couldn't buy a bite in the morning but limited out after lunch. There were a few boats that never had the fish turn on for them, but the majority put fish in the boat. Today you could probably walk across the boats from Bodega Head to Elephant Rock. If you're not catching, start hopping boats until you find one that is. The fish have been coming up high, mostly 20 to 40 feet down, and biting on anchovies, herring (red and green), and Watermelon Apexes. To a lesser extent I heard of fish caught on Brad's Super Cut Plug and Apexes in Cop Car and Purple Haze. Rockfishing was slow. No halibut that I heard about yesterday. Today is it for Dungeness until November 3.