Saturday, June 23, 2012

     Pictured is the Anglin family from the Woodland/Winters area. It looks to me like they found the fish today, up to 20 pounds. Very nicely done. I hope everyone looks that happy when it's time to clean the fish.
     The following is a firsthand report submitted by reader EJ Koford: I had 2 crab pots out from 3-7 yesterday near marker 10.. and prospected north of marker 10 with a crab snare….lots of undersize, many female rocks. Kept two dungies, but there were in sorry shape.. small claws, missing legs, not very feisty. Makes me appreciate the opener. Also drizzled on me a lot. Too much wind (too small a boat) to venture into the bay for salmon, maybe next time.  Saw 2 boats trolling a bit for halibut at Hog Island, but didn’t see any hookups and they were out of there by 4 or so.