Saturday, June 23, 2012

     Mike Nursement caught this nice 22 pound salmon out in 130 feet of water this morning. Mara caught another salmon in the teens. Both fish on a watermelon Apex.

     Mark Eras, Cody, Taylor and Pete Portlock on the Fish Raider II were back in by 1:30 today with four limits of nice kings to 18 pounds. The salmon are close and biting best early.
     The first halibut from the bar was brought in today, so that may be something to try in the next week. From what I heard Hog Island didn't produce many more than that. Randy from Carson City had a pot on the pier with 12 keeper Dungeness in it this morning. Half were females that he tossed back, but that's still good numbers for the pier. The ocean is pretty flat out there but there's a hidden lump from the south that flares up every so often. Two boats from Lodi got flipped today while abbing in close. Maybe everyone else should stay out a little deeper. Thanks to Jake Showaker (again with Jake!) for running out to tow in the two boats.