Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yesterday's totals were a bit disappointing for most, with probably half of the boats from here going without salmon. Successful boats had from 1 to 4 with a few halibut from the beaches mixed in. The water is cold and clear. The forecast is calling for some decent weather though, so it should warm up and color up, and then hopefully fish up, by later this week. The salmon came from Ten Mile (no more specific location given), tight against the beach at Elephant, Tomales Point, and the esteros. There were some fish being caught up by Carmet but of the two boats I spoke with, one was skunked and the other had early limits of small fish, so the bite is either good or over, depending on who you ask. The divers are spearing some halibut in the deep holes in the mouth of the bay but the fishermen aren't doing as well there. Hog Island has been the place to fish with catches ranging from 0 to 5.