Friday, August 26, 2011

Joe DaCruz and Tad Bowers show off some of their (and Jerry DaCruz's) catch of 1 salmon, 6 halibut and 6 sole from Ten Mile on Thursday. If you look closely you can tell where they were fishing.
Ten Mile has been pretty good for halibut this past week, with a few salmon thrown in as well. McLure's has also been good for both species. Tomales Point and the Trees have been good for salmon. When I say good, I mean that there were fish caught. Not too many salmon limits anymore but some decent scratch fishing. The rockfish have been a bit slower. Some of the slow could be caused by the fish feeding all night. We are experiencing a bloom of bioluminescent dinoflagellates, or light-emitting plankton. The ocean glows with every movement in the water. It is a bad time to be a small fish, since every movement lights up an "eat me" sign. Last night we watched no fewer than 6 sharks feeding right at the pier, and those were just the ones near enough to the surface that we could see them. One shark chased a fish onto the beach. It's a heck of a show but probably not good for daytime fishing. The wind is forecast for Monday and Tuesday and if the water cools off the lights should go out.