Saturday, January 1, 2011

Upper Welsh Dee

A trip out today on the Upper Welsh Dee was just what was needed to get the mind back focused on the winter Grayling fishing I've missed over the last couple of weeks due to unnatural river conditions (frozen over!).

We headed to a stretch I'd not fished before along with a couple of lads from the Sea Trout Forum and although the river was running a little higher than we would have liked we still managed to connect with a handful of Grayling...with a couple of the fine specimens this river seems to hold.

Paul(squirrelblue) with the biggest Grayling of the day

Hoppy playing what we thought might be a monster Grayling...

       ...turned out to be a totally alien species(Rainbow Trout) for this river

Although I had managed to connected with a couple of the larger fish I never had them on long enough to get them in the net, but glad to get a photo of the ones that were caught.

This beauty turned out to be the last fish for 2010 for Hoppy.
With a couple of days left of the christmas break and the river levels dropping I fancy there may well be another excursion to the Dee valley before the return to work.

PS. Happy New Year to all who visit this blog.