Monday, January 24, 2011

Back On River Clun

After a couple of weeks going stir crazy waiting for the river levels to subside after the recent rain/snow melt it was a welcome change to be once again back out Grayling fishing on one of the rivers of the Welsh Marches.

Today (Sunday 23rd) 3 of us went to tackle the River Clun and found the water pushing through quite hard but it was certainly fishable with the colour dropping out nicely so expectations were initially positive.

 We split up and covered a large section of the river, I managed to latch into an 8 inch Grayling quite early and thought it might be a good sign for the rest of the wrong!

A few hours later I met up with my brother who was fishing upstream of me and we exchanged a few choice expletives in reference to the days fishing thus far...he had not had a single touch all day. We went on and fished another area upstream we had both caught well from before where I managed to connect with another 2 fish after calling it a day.

After meeting back up with my mate who had fished well downstream of me and to be told he had also had a fishless day we knew that there was only one thing for it...a pint or two and snacks at the local hostelry and a brief debate on the reasons for the poor fishing.

The final conclusion was that these rivers are still in recovery mode after what has been a few weeks of severe weather conditions combined with the fact that in reality fishing this time of the year often results in a lack of fish.

Regardless of the fishing it was great to be back in the river again and with spring not far round the corner there is sure to be plenty to look forward to.