Monday, January 31, 2011

Little & Large

Fly tying for me is all about inspiration...I may have an urge to try out a material I've not used before, or see a pattern someone else has tied that is 'my kind of fly' and then try to replicate it, sometimes the inspiration will come from a desire to create my own 'killer pattern', either way I find that I tie better with an ultimate goal in mind.

This fly was create after seeing something similar on the UK fly dressing forum. Tied on a #10 heavy buzzer hook and containing 2 tungsten beads of 4mm + 3.5mm (1 buried in the thorax). This is for use on those big rivers where pace and depth call for such heavy bugs to be used, predominately for winter Grayling fishing.

The following flies were tied really just as an experiment in tying the 'smaller' sizes of fly which I have not done much of and an area which I really need to get to grips with. Tied on #22 which is still a long way off from the miniature flies tied by the likes of Andy Baird but one small step in the right direction for me.