Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Late In The Day

I have been spending the last few weekends trying to get my head around some very hard to catch rising fish on a very low and clear section of the upper River Wye.

Daytime fishing in these conditions can leave you going home with very limited success, but if you leave your fishing until the sun is disappearing below the horizon then great rewards can be had.

I am convinced that the larger trout spend most of the day hidden away under bankside crevices or sheltered in the deeper parts of the riverbed when the river becomes low and clear and only venture out when they feel safe to do so.

At this time of year this part of the river has a superb hatch of Yellow Mays (Heptagenia sulphurea) and these flies are emerging well into the evening along with many sedges and a mass of midges which can instantly transform the surface water into life with hungry fish.

As the sun sets the fish are without doubt much more confident to feed and with a little perseverance trying different methods and flies you can eventually hit on something that brings immediate results.

A normally hard to catch chub falling to a GRHE nymph

I would add that there is no sure fire method that will catch fish all year round but I'm confident that what I have learned the last few weeks will definitely work under similar conditions in the future.