Sunday, June 6, 2010

A few salmon yesterday in 180 to 240 feet of water, 0 to 4 fish per boat, and best numbers north (Salmon Creek/Carmet area) and deep (240 feet of water, 100 feet down). Biggest salmon landed by Ron Johnson at 21 pounds. One halibut caught and two lost by fishermen jigging at Hog Island yesterday. The best numbers of dungeness crab are coming from right around the pier now. On Friday a boater soaked four pots for five hours in the outer bay for five crab, then soaked four pots for a half hour just off the pier for ten crab. Some people are limiting out on the pier during the week. One gentleman even landed a 15# bat ray that bit his crab snare. 24 more days until dungeness crab closes and a week until rockfish opens.