Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good To Be Back

Sub-zero temperatures, snow, biting cold wind, freezing cold water...absolute heaven. After something like 7 weeks where the rivers have been in an almost continual flood it was a joy to finally have the chance to flick out a team of Grayling bugs in the hope of a catching a few fish that hadn't been put off by the recent drop in water temperature.

A few hours on the wye on Saturday and an hour or so on Irfon on Sunday resulted in a total of a dozen fish...nothing big but all very welcome.

All 8 fish caught on the Wye took my recently tied V-Rib Pink Glister Grub so I think it may result in a few more being tied this week.

Biggest of the weekend (gloves have non-absorbent palm!!!)

With a bit of luck the river levels will remain fishable over the Xmas break so we can all catch up on a little Grayling therapy.

I hope this Salmon got the chance to spawn before the resident Otter had it for breakfast!