Monday, December 7, 2009

Magic Glass V-Rib Nymphs

The last 4 or 5 weekends have been spent hoping and praying that the river levels would come right and allow us all to enjoy a few hours indulging in our favourite pastime, only to be told that 'more heavy rain was forecast' scuppering all plans to cast a fly.

The weather in Mid-Wales and around the Marches has wiped out any serious river fishing for over a month and with the water tables filled to capacity any further rain just keeps topping up the rivers to overflowing.

Time then to attempt my first Step By Step of a fly pattern using a material new to me...Veniards Magic Glass V-Rib is a exceptionally versatile material which brings nymph pattern to life and is easy to use even for a relative novice like myself.

Yellow 'Magic Glass' Grub

Hook - #12 Skalka G
Bead - 3.5mm Black Tungsten
Thread - UTC 70 Hopper Yellow
Tail - Grey Partridge
Breathers - Pale Yellow Ostrich Herl
Body - Magic Glass - V Rib (Yellow)
Extra Weight - 4 or 5 Turns of .60mm Lead Behind Bead
Thorax - Dark Olive Seals Fur
Tie in Partridge feather for tail.

Catch in Ostrich Herl and V-Rib, then add 4 or 5
turns of lead behind the tungsten bead and coat
it with a layer of varnish.

Wrap the body with the thread to form an even
tapered body.

Wind up the V-Rib material to form a
segmented body.

Then follow up with the Ostrich herl laying it
in the groove of the segments.

Apply the Seals Fur dubbing using the split
thread method.

Some variations using Veniards Magic Glass V-Rib
Same as above but without the herl body.

Using fluoro pink thread and shrimp pink V-Rib.

Partridge hackle added around collar.

Pink glister dubbing under V-Rib body.

'Free swimming' rhyacophila.