Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Molten Mono Method

Whilst watching a recent Davie McPhail tying video I picked up what I thought was a great way to attach a bead to the top of the shank of a hook as in the style of a Polyfitus Nymph.

Polyfitus Peeping Caddis
The idea that Davie uses on one of his many outstanding YouTube videos is oulined below:

1. Double up a piece of strong breaking strain monofilament line (I've used 10lb line on a 4.5mm diameter tungsten bead) then thread it through the non-chamfered side of the bead.

2. Whilst holding the tag ends in your fingers get a lighter and proceed to slowly heat the ends.

3. Proceed to heat the mono so that it starts to melt in a ball towards the chamfered side of the bead.

4. When there is a large enough molten ball and when it has cooled down to a tacky state (this step comes easy with a little practice) use the back of your thumb nail and press the tacky ball of mono into the bead filling up the recess.                 

5. When the mono solidifies you end up with the bead firmly attached with a couple of tag ends ready to tie onto the top of the hook.

This method of attaching the tungsten bead on top of the hook naturally makes the fly sit in an upside down position on the river bed and allows the bend of the hook to face upward.