Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last weekend a few of the boaters had very good success on the Dungeness in the bay, but I haven't spoke with anyone that's done nearly as well since then. The pier has consistently had a few but not too many. I haven't heard any reports from outside the bay due to weather that's sketchy at best. I heard some salmon return numbers that sound optimistic for a good season. It surely won't be as good as the jack count would seem to indicate (2.1 million predicted fish probably overshoots reality by 10 times or more) but it should allow for a decent opportunity to fish for salmon. I've been hearing that last year wasn't a very good year for catching salmon around here, which was news to me. Perhaps it wasn't as good as some years but it was definitely the best year out of the last five. How did you do? Better, worse or average?