Monday, June 13, 2011

HookPoint - Multi-Tool

OK, it has to be said that when I see something that catches my eye then I generally have to take a closer look, and when I first glanced at the 'HookPoint' I knew I had to find out more as to what this fly fishing/tying aid was all about.

Upon purchasing the HookPoint it became clear that this was a well thought out and designed bit of kit.

It was developed and is now marketed and sold by Microvista Products Ltd where inventor Dr Andrew Worthington felt that there was a use for a pocket magnifying tool which enabled anglers on the bank to identify any issues with the sharpness of their hook point (a common problem that we are often not aware of until its too late). It was also developed to aid with other 'in situ' problems that we can sometimes encounter whilst out fishing.

Ceramic hook sharpener and picking tool
After several weeks trying out this product I would say that one of the areas of interest for me has to be the crystal clear x6 magnification you get which when used with the integral LED light enables close detailed viewing of any nymphs or flies you may wish to inspect for positive identification.

Photo taken by placing the lens of my camera on the Hookpoint eyepiece
If you are a budding entomologist or like me someone who has a fascination with the life our rivers contain then you will no doubt find the 'HookPoint' a worthwhile tool to carry around with you.

The HookPoint has been recently reviewed in both 'The Trout & Salmon' and 'Fly Fishing & Fly Tying' magazines and if you happen to be attending the BFFI (British Fly Fair International) this coming weekend (18th/19th June) then you can check it out yourself at The Microvista Products Ltd stand and see what you think.

To find out exactly what the HookPoint is all about head over to the website where there is all the information you need,