Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear friends,

We are asking everyone who loves to camp, fish, boat, and spend time at Lawsons Landing to take the time to show your support by attending the Coastal Commission hearing in San Rafael in mid July. The California Coastal Commission will be determining the future of Lawsons Landing in mid July. The date and location of the hearing will be:

July 13th, 14th or 15th

Marin County Board of Supervisors

3501 Civic Center Drive

San Rafael, CA 94901

Click here for directions


The Lawson family has lived, worked, and recreated at the Landing for nearly 90 years, and since 1957 the Lawson’s have shared this special spot on the edge of Point Reyes National Seashore with campers, boaters, hikers, and fisherman from throughout California. You and your families have come back to this unique coastal community each summer, and have become part of our extended family.

Today Lawson's Landing is still owned and operated by the Lawson-Vogler family. We have chosen to work to keep the Landing open and affordable for all to enjoy and appreciate.

Lawson’s Landing offers much needed affordable overnight amenities for families from California to visit, enjoy, and appreciate California’s beautiful shores, especially with state park campgrounds in jeopardy of closure. Prices for tent, RV, day use, fishing, and boating are comparable with California public State Parks—without requiring ongoing State subsidies.


We have worked hard for many years to complete the local and state planning and permitting processes necessary to protect Lawsons Landing. After lots of hard work and tough choices imposed by state policies and Coastal Commission staff, we have agreed to reduce the total number of RV and tent campsites from 1000 to 417, and we are minimizing camping near environmentally sensitive areas. Campsites will be numbered and laid out in rows to meet State requirements, and some areas will be for tent only camping. We will do everything within our power to ensure that your campsites will still have plenty of space. Additionally, we are proposing at least 3 camp areas that preserve the group camping that we are known for. We are proposing many other improvements that would make your experience more enjoyable, including new restrooms with showers.

Supportive Solution

Although we are saddened to see our camping area reduced, agreeing to these changes is necessary to remain open. And the new clustered camping areas will increase the surrounding open spaces around you at Lawsons Landing. Without these changes the Coastal Commission will not approve the project and we would be forced to close our doors.

Unfortunately, there are a few very vocal opponents that have been critical of the campground and would like to see the RV and other uses reduced even further—to a level that would be infeasible to operate and impossible for us to stay afloat.


We are grateful for the many years that we have been able to share our beautiful property with so many. We need you, and your family, and your friends who love Lawson's Landing to attend the July Coastal Commission hearing in San Rafael. First, we need the power of presence to show your support. Second we need some folks to help us emphasize the importance of protecting affordable overnight options and coastal access and recreation at this special place we share. With your attendance and some key folks making public comments in support, we plan to stay open to serve many generations to come.

If you can possibly help, please email us at so that we can let you know about the exact date, location and time of the hearing and other important information as soon as we know.


The Lawson and Vogler families