Saturday, April 2, 2011

Salmon season has officially opened. Fish and Game decided to publish the fact at noon the day before the opener. The limit is 2 fish, 24" minimum. The gale force winds are keeping most people off the water here but should be providing the necessary upwelling to make the ocean hospitable for juvenile salmon. One of the boats that did go out on the bay this morning caught several nice, clean Dungeness across the bay. Hopefully this means a fresh mix of crab came in. No reports of leopard shark yet, but there is still a lot of fresh water in the bay. Fresh water floats on top of the salt, so the deep holes (like by Pelican Point) would probably be a good place to try. I haven't seen any fishermen bring in any surfperch recently, but the ospreys are catching a lot of good sized perch, so there are some fish around.