Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nearly Dry Wye

Last weekend I took in a couple of visits to a beat of the River Wye well upstream of my usual haunt of Builth Wells, the river here under these rain starved conditions proved hard work with some of the pools hardly moving and trout wary of anything out of the ordinary.

The Wye takes on a much more rugged feel to it here with the riverbed strewn with large rocks and boulders covered in slimy algae which makes grip impossible and wading 'interesting' to say the least.

The bonus of this part of the river is that the sight of a Red Kite of Buzzard soaring overhead is rarely far away and the landscape in this part of Mid Wales can be stunning.

I did managed to connect with a few of the trout over the 2 days and also quite a few of the still active Grayling readily taking dries off the surface including what would have been a personal best fish for me although I only took a couple of  photos and returned it quickly without any weight or accurate measurement. I have duly noted the location so I can return during the Grayling season and hopefully meet up with him again.

With Easter just around the corner we all usually long for some decent weather but I can't help hoping for a good downpour to arrive soon...especially with a planned trip to the Upper Usk in just over a week.