Monday, March 7, 2011

Upper River Wye

An early morning walk along the river is always a joy for most anglers but sometimes the scenery makes it extra special as is always the case when I walk along the part of the Upper River Wye just upstream from Builth Wells.

'The Rocks'

This part of the river is known as 'The Rocks' and the river here tumbles and twists through a deep rocky gorge which makes for some stunning scenery. The Salmon had once run in good number up here late in the season but the recent down turn in the Wye salmon run has unfortunately made it a bit of a lottery to catch one...I really do hope things improve in the future..but I'm not holding my breath.

Faithful Companion - 'Joe'

Fishermans Hut
With the river looking so nice it was only natural to have a few hours fishing in the afternoon. I decided on a spot downstream of Builth Wells and although the Trout season was underway there was a distinct feeling that winter was reluctant to give way to spring.

The water was ice cold and my temperature gauge had given a lowest overnight reading of -5.7deg, with a chilling upstream breeze I certainly wasn't expecting any trout action.

Always nice to see these little fellas about
As it turned out there was no sign of a trout but fortunately some of the Grayling were still keen to take my offerings. Fishing a team of tungsten nymphs attached to a sensitive braid line seemed to do the trick and I ended with a tally just nudging into double figures, no big fish but after what has been a dour winters' Grayling fishing it was worth enduring the freezing temperatures.