Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last Bite Of The Cherry

Its been a long, cold winter and my Grayling fishing has been nothing short of  disappointing. On Saturday I took a last ditch attempt to put a bend in my recently acquired Greys Streamflex 10' #4 with a few hours on the River Wye in Mid-Wales.

Fortunately the fish were not too put off with the low and clear river and as I arrived there were one or two flies coming off the water prompting a couple of fish to venture to the surface. After taking a couple of small Grayling on a dry olive pattern it was a change to a team of three weighted nymphs that brought a few more with a couple of  Grayling to put a proper bend in the Streamflex.

Bedraggled March Brown (Rhithrogena germanica)

Time now to look forward to what the trout season has to offer, with the heavy weighted flies back in the box for a while and the dry fly box in the top pocket ready to test some new patterns.