Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland On The Lugg

No matter what the season the Lugg valley has always something special to offer. Today was no exception as three of us took the plunge on a return to this quiet stunning part of the UK.

The recent heavy snow made access possible only if you had 4 x 4 vehicle capabilities which fortunately one of us had...even then the lane down to this particular bit of river was a little hair-raising!

For Grayling fishing in these conditions there are some absolute necessities...plenty of thermal layers and a good supply of heavy tungsten nymphs, the leafless low hanging trees mean that you are almost guaranteed to adorn a few with some of your flies as was the case today (looks like another purchase from Joel at Tungsten Beads for a fresh supply).

The fishing was as expected with water temperatures extremely low the Grayling were tightly shoaled and not as willing to open there mouths, I managed to net three fine specimens which were all very welcome with the two other fisherman catching 4 & 9 (well done Colin on a good tally under arctic conditions).

When the snow starts to thaw we have a likelihood of the rivers becoming unfishable so this trip out was something to be savoured and with the right thermal protection, beautiful scenery and a few willing fish - extreme winter fishing really can be a wonderland.