Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rock And Rea

I must confess to being a bit of a rock music fan and couldn't resist the opportunity to see Black Sabbath make a long awaited return to their hometown to play a warm up gig at the Birmingham O2 Academy on Saturday night in preparation for their slot at the Download Festival, a real treat for any Sabbath fan and for me a night of pure rock indulgence.

The planned fishing the following day ended up starting a little later than usual due mainly to my body requiring a little longer to recover from such events than it used to (and a few too many celebratory drinks!) but fish I did!...and when I arrived at the River Rea in Shropshire the river looked quite high and coloured but with about 12" of visibility in the water and fish rising I was soon tackling up and casting towards the rises.

Quite high murky water to greet my arrival

It was soon apparent that the fish in this small river had lost some of the normal inhibitions they display when the water is lower and clearer and it was just a matter of working out the right dry pattern that would get the better results.

The Griffith's Gnat - a deadly pattern when there are small midges buzzing over the surface

Distinct white leading edge to anal fin

With masses of black gnats buzzing over the water the Griffith's Gnat proved very successful and as I slowly made my way upstream picking off rising fish and throwing prospective casts at likely looking spots I couldn't have wished for a more pleasant and relaxing way to spend an afternoon...and such a contrast to the previous nights events...they do say variety is the spice of life!