Sunday, September 25, 2011

There's a big, scary swell  making the bar break occasionally, and the weeds are bad in most places, but there are still salmon and halibut coming in. The salmon came from Ten Mile in the general vicinity of the Towers and from the outer bay near the south estero. Two boats fished the schools of bait near the estero; one limited on nice-sized fish and the other never had a bite. One striper landed on the bar. Halibut came from Ten Mile, McLure's and the bar, but great caution is advised in all three places due to breaking waves. No halibut is worth your life. This is the situation we get every couple of years when the swells the halibut bite happen at the same time. This is the halibut's chance to get even. Don't let them. If it seems like the fish are too shallow to be safe, they probably are.