Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Simple, Effective Fly Patterns

A few recently tied simple patterns that have proved very popular with the trout and grayling:

This dry sedge pattern (tied in large sizes) was shown to me last year by a friend who swore by it, stating that when there is very little rising it has the ability to pull fish off the bottom...he wasn't wrong. Works equally well for trout and grayling and is responsible for many of my recent fish.
 Hook: #13 Tiemco 103bl
Thread: UTC 70 Tan
Tail/Shuck: EP Trigger Point International Fibers
Body: Squirrel
Underwing: Tiemco Aero Dry Wing
Wing: Elk/Deer Hair
Thorax: Squirrel 

Variation of above for when the sedge hatching are darker 

A couple of simple midge/smut patterns which can be effective when fish seem to be rising at nothing visible.
Hook: #20 Tiemco 2487
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Post: Tiemco Aero Dry Wing
Body: Flyrite #2 Black
Parachute: Grizzle Hackle
Thorax: Orvis Hare'e Ice Dubbing
 Hook: #20 Tiemco 2487
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Body: One Strand Of Peacock Herl (wrapped around thread to strengthen)
Wing: Two Natural CDC Feathers
Thorax: Orvis Hare'e Ice Dubbing