Saturday, February 5, 2011

No catch update, but some salmon news. The Dept. of Fish and Game sent out a press release about salmon. "An Encouraging Salmon Forecast. The resurgence of the Sacramento River fall-run Chinook salmon is positive news for recreational and commercial salmon anglers. Initial hatchery and in-river counts confirm a substantial increase in the number of returning adult salmon in the fall and winter of 2010. Following two years of record low returns and closed salmon seasons, this was excellent news and provides for the potential for the reintroduction of recreational and commercial seasons. Adaptive planting strategies, regulation reviews and dedicated work by hatcheries to produce 20 million young salmon annually are keys to the DFG’s efforts to restore salmon populations. " There is also a report that the commercial crabbers are seeing lots of bait and krill out in the deep. Salmon season won't be decided until April, but things are looking better than they have in quite a while.